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Key Fact About Rochem India
  • Rochem India today boasts of being the only System Manufacturer outside of Germany manufacturing these systems while keeping the High German quality standards.

  • With the installation of over 8000 Plants of various capacities on vessels of the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and the Shipping Corporation of India, Rochem has established itself as a leader in Sea Water Desalination

  • Rochem also offers domestic water purification with its DTK Ball Module for Ground Water Purification.

  • After spending considerable time understanding the nature of water and wastewater Rochem has extensively worked on making the Systems Flexible and not render the equipment useless when the quality of water required or wastewater changes.

  • Water Quality is the main consideration at locations with Ground/Brackish Water and Rochem has over 100 systems working satisfactorily at these locations

  • Rochem's know-how coupled with its commitment for developing solutions has been recognized by Maharashtra Industrial Development Companies by selecting it as one of the twelve companies to set up an Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Over 450 Installations spanning a decade across a spectrum of industries

  • Rochem has successfully installed over 50 systems in the distilleries whereby more than 15000 cum/day biomethnated spentwash is treated per day

  • Rochem now has solutions to treat Raw Spent Wash directly. Synergy with all available technologies to help achieve zero discharge at a lower energy and operating cost is now possible.





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