Water Treatment Solutions for the Textile Industry

Effluents generated by the textile industry can be broadly classified into three categories based on their contributing processes:

  • Pre-Treatment (scouring, desizing)
  • Dyeing and washing
  • Finishing (softeners)

Over the years Rochem has mastered the application of direct recovery of >85% of RO permeate from the dyeing and washing streams without any conventional ETP treatment and the treatment of pre and post dyeing with primary treatment.

Due to this, the majority volume can be treated without ETP and also sludge generation from ETP reduced.


  • Higher recovery rate
  • Application on raw equalized effluent helps avoid high costs of chemicals and energy associated with conventional ETPs
  • Capacity is enhanced as the need to upgrade the existing ETP structure is avoided and saves investment in land and civil costs
  • RO rejects can be further reduced, thereby reducing the volume for evaporation, resulting in further savings









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